Portable Generator Ratings

best portable generator for home Small Portable Generator Ratings - There are great ratings on Honda Power Equipment which offers a complete line of portable generators for commercial (contractor and jobsite), outdoor camping (ultra quiet), and consumer (emergency home backup) applications. Honda generator models are compact, provide smooth, clean power and have great ratings. All Honda generators meet or exceed all EPA and CARB standards, have great ratings and are some of the quietest generators on the market!


Portable Generator Ratings

portable generator ratings Midsize Portable Generator Ratings - Briggs and Stratton Company offers both portable generators and home standby generator products with good ratings. Briggs and Stratton generators are powered by their famous Briggs and Stratton engines and covered by an impressive warranty, which helps ratings. Their portable generator line and a contractor series, also has high ratings.

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The Briggs and Stratton home backup generators have good ratings and include sizes to fit most homes and are fully automatic once installed properly. Briggs also rounds out their line with transfer switches, has the ability to service their products, can recommend a local sales dealer and installer, and might even provide financing of your generator! Of course this also helps their ratings.

Portable Generator Ratings

portable generator ratings Large Standby Generator Ratings - Kohler home standby generators are available in output wattages ranging from 8.5 to 100 kW and enjoy some of the highest ratings. All Kohler generators can be run on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG) as a fuel, which boosts their ratings and each comes in an attractive sound attenuated enclosure. These units are permanently installed outside a residential dwelling and are capable of providing all (or partial) electric power to a home when the utility power fails.

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Kohler has top ratings in home standby generator. These units are installed with Kohler's own automatic switching and control hardware for safe operation. Kohler generator product offerings are organized into three separate lines: Residential Power (home standby generators), Mobile (RV) Generators, and Marine Generators.