Triron Generators

Quiet Triron generators, portable for construction, camping or home.

Triron Generators - 1200 Watt Portable Generator

  • 1000W/1200W Generator For Camping, Jobsite Or Emergency Use At Home.
  • Dependable 64cc 2-Cycle Engine.
  • 2-120V AC Outlets For Household Appliances, Electric Tools Etc., Plus 1-DC Power Connection Terminal.
  • 1.2 Gallon Fuel Tank.
  • Lightweight, Only 49LBS. (15"L x 13"W x 14"H)
Triron Generators

Triron Generators Description:

Be ready for any emergency situation or take this lightweight Triron generator with you on camping trips. This portable lightweight Triron generator produces 1200 peak/1000 continuous watts of 120-volts AC and 12-volts DC power. Unit has 2 120 volt outlets, (competitors only have 1). One-tankful of fuel (1.2 gallons 40:1 gas/two-stroke oil mixture) will last up to 4.7 hours of continuous runtime at half-load.

Excellent power/weight ratio, low-maintenance 64cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine with easy-pull recoil start and transistorized ignition. Brushless, single-phase generator, capacitor voltage regulator and thermal circuit-protector. Comes with Operating Manual. One-year manufacturer's warranty.

What type of Triron generator should I buy?

Triron generators come in two basic types: standby and portable. There also are inverters, which are not generators but may meet your needs. The source of backup power you ultimately choose will be determined by many factors, including your power requirements.

Portable Triron generators:

Triron portable generators are versatile. You can use them for:
  • emergency power at home,
  • for power in remote locations where utility power is unavailable, or
  • for recreational purposes, like boating or camping.

Standby Triron Generators:

A standby Triron generator is permanently installed outside your home or commercial building and wired directly into the electrical system to provide power to some or all of your home's circuits during a disruption of normal utility power.

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