Marine Generators

Portable power generators for marine, camping or home.

Marine Generators - ALLSTART Marina Portable Power Generator With Inverter

  • Patented design with both 12 DC and 110 AC power for off the boat use.
  • Adjustable emergency light for versatility.
  • Long 48" cables for accessing boat batteries.
  • Marine switch for safety in wet conditions.
  • Water repellent storage bag for boats.
Marine Generators

Marine Generator Description:

The Allstart marina portable power generator is a 12-volt jump starter with 1000 vac power inverter for the marina. The DC charger cord plus the 300-watt inverter can be used with many of your accessories or gizmos.

Marina Portable Power Generator Portable 12 volt jump starter with 100 vac power inverter for marine market. 1700 peak amps - maximum power. 300 power inverter - 110 vac power supply. DC charging cord included. Marina switch - safety precaution for wet conditions. Adjustable emergency light. 4 foot cables - access engine boat compartments.

Kohler Marine Generators

  • Output from 4 kW to 20 kW.
  • KOHLER-designed PowerBoost and Fast Response.
  • Features automatic shutdown.
  • Aluminum sound shield insulated modular panels.
Marine Generators

Kohler Marine Generators:

Kohler marine generators are specially designed to provide power for boating applications. These units are offered in both diesel and gasoline fuel models. The diesel models range in output from 3.5 kW to 150 kW , while the gasoline models range in output from 4 kW to 20 kW. In addition Kohler offers a special line of "Low CO2", (available only in gasoline powered). All Kohler marine generators include the following features: 1) A KOHLER-designed PowerBoost and Fast Response voltage regulators, 2)automatic shutdown in the event of: loss of coolant, low oil pressure, and high water temperature, 3) single-side access for routine maintenance check, 4) aluminum sound shield insulated modular panels to silence the generator.

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