JD-Tek Generators

Quiet JD-Tek generators, portable for construction, camping or home.

JD-Tek Generators - 3500 Watt Portable Gas Industrial Generator

  • 6.5HP/3600RPM Industrial Engine.
  • OHV forced Air-Cooled, 4 Stroke.
  • Output: 120V/240V, 60 Hz, Rated Output:3000W, Peak Output:3500W.
  • 4 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity - Unleaded Gasoline.
  • Continuous Operating Hours: 11 Hours.
JD-Tek generators

JD-Tek Generators Description:

Professional-grade design and construction from JD Tek.

Operated Oil: SF or higher grade; Ignition system: T.C.I.; Starting System: Recoil Hand Operated; EPA Approved; not C.A.R.B. certified-not to be sold in California.

What type of JD-Tek generator should I buy?

Generators come in two basic types: standby and portable. There also are inverters, which are not generators but may meet your needs. The source of backup power you ultimately choose will be determined by many factors, including your power requirements.

Portable JD-Tek generators:

JD-Tek portable generators are versatile. You can use them for:
  • emergency power at home,
  • for power in remote locations where utility power is unavailable, or
  • for recreational purposes, like boating or camping.

Standby Generators:

A standby JD-Tek generator is permanently installed outside your home or commercial building and wired directly into the electrical system to provide power to some or all of your home's circuits during a disruption of normal utility power.

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